Early detection of eye problems in children is very important.  Visual problems can affect their abilities in school work, social development and sport.

Here are a few facts:

80% of children’s learning is visual.

5-10% of all pre-school children have problems with their eyes or their vision.

25% of all children of school going age have vision problems.

All primary schools carry out vision screening (this is not a full eye examination). It is possible for a child to pass the current school vision screening and still have eye problems.

By the time your child starts school they are using their eyes in a very concentrated way, and skills such as seeing, focusing, tracking, perception and hand eye coordination form a major part of their learning process.  Any problems with these skills will interfere with their ability to develop their learning skills.

So as a parent what should you look out for?

If your child complains of not being able to see the whiteboard/tv/ball; has an eye turning in or out; is holding things very close to the face or gets frequent headaches it is advisable to book a full eye examination with your optician.

However you should also look out for eye rubbing/blinking; reduced attention span: avoidance of reading; tilting the head to one side; covering one eye when carrying out activities; complaining of double vision; repeatedly loosing place when reading.

It is important to remember that there may not be a problem but if there is the earlier it is detected the better.

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