Do You Buy Your Contact Lenses Online?

For many people, it is easier and less time consuming to buy their contact lenses online, and in some cases cheaper!. But all these favourables can result in some adverse circumstances.

If you do decide that you are going to buy lenses online, be careful!. The Federation of Opthalmic and Dispensing Opticians (FODO) says a number of their members have found patients who have bought sub-standard lenses from internet sites. These are the latest cases that have gotten recent media coverage-:

‘’A contact lens wearer who lost her eye after developing the Fusarium eye infection (News 08.02.13) and another case where a woman had her cornea removed (The Sun, Contact lens fungus ate my eye too, February 11). Further coverage in The Sun documented two other patients who experienced problems after buying CLs online last week.’’

At your Opticians, they will only dispense contact lenses if your prescription is up-to-date i.e. within one year. If the website you are buying from does not ask you for your current prescription, FODO advises avoid them and buy your lenses from your Opticians instead.

A visit to your Opticians will provide you with that personal touch, that individual and special service that can only come from someone who knows you, your lifestyle and your history. Opticians can quickly adjust to fit your changing vision needs and detect eye health problems. You won’t get this online!

You should also have an eye test every two years and this combined with an annual contact lens check up will ensure that your eyes remain healthy and any potential problems can be detected at an early stage.

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