Protect Your Eyes Against Light!

You will already be aware of the risks of overexposing your skin to the sun.

But did you know too much light can also harm your eyes?

By wearing the right glasses you can protect your eyes against-:

Ultravoilet Light (UV)


UV light is invisible to the human eye, and is present all year long, even on a cloudy day.

Short-term exposure can cause painful cornea burns.

Long term exposure can cause Cataracts.

– Blue-Violet light


Blue light comes from the sun and artificial light sources. Our lives are increasingly filled with blue light from our computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

In combination with other factors, exposure can lead to Age-related

Macular Degeneration (AMD).

73% of people do not know what blue light is.

86% of people who are told about blue light express an interest in lenses

that protect against it.

You can protect your eyes against UV and Blue-Voilet light  with Essilor’s Crizal® Prevencia™.

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