What exactly is Blue Light that we hear so much about?

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Harmful Blue Light, is virtually everywhere  – indoors and out: computer screens, tablets, smart phones, gaming devices, LED TVs & LED lights, fluorescent lights, and of course from the sun.

While Blue Light has always been present outdoors, the fact that we are living longer and our lifestyles are evolving means that we more exposed to Harmful Blue Light because we are spending more time on electronic devices, which puts us more at risk for eye diseases. In fact, there is no known benefit associated with exposure to Harmful Blue Light and long term exposure has been linked to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD1), the leading cause of blindness for adults over the age of 50.

So Essilor have introduced CRIZAL PREVENTIA LENSES to help protect your eyes from harmful Blue-Violet light in everyday surroundings.

Crizal Prevencia No Glare lenses filter out harmful Blue-Violet light from your electronic devices and also protect against damaging UV Rays.

Plus, Crizal lenses help you see better, feel better and look better.

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