Be Well, See Well

family with sunglasses

We are all aware of the benefits of wearing sunscreen to protect our skin against the suns UV rays but are you aware of the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes against these rays?

While a nice pair of sunglasses is a great fashion accessory, your sunglasses should be a high quality pair that will have many health benefits:

  1. Protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV rays damage the cornea and the retina of your eye.
  2. Reduce the risk of Eye disease- our vision will naturally decline as we age, but we can protect ourselves against
  3. severe visual impairment s such as cataracts, macular degeneration- both of which can be brought on by prolonged UV Exposure.
  4. Maintain your physical appearance, wearing sunglasses can help protect against crow’s feet and unattractive thickening of the skin that UV exposure can cause. Alright this may not be a health benefit but it will make us a lot happier!

Tips when buying sunglasses:

Look for sunglasses that offer 99% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Avoid sunglasses with vague labels that say ‘ UV protective’ or UV absorbing’ as they offer little or no protection.

Don’t be fooled by dark tints; the tint of the sunglasses has nothing to do with the amount of UV protection.

If you are frequently distracted by glare while driving, boating or skiing- it may be worthwhile paying extra for polarized sunglasses.

Wrap around styles protect sensitive skin around your eyelids and prevent sunlight from entering from the side. They will provide you with the most sun protection but if this style is not for you then go with the current trend of having larger frames that cover your face from the brow to the top of the cheekbone.

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