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Eye Test

Regular eye examinations are extremely important. You should have your eyes tested every two years unless otherwise recommended by your Optometrist. For eye tests in Cork look no further than our team of expert opticians at Egans.

Eye Test

After asking you some questions on your vision, general health, family, work and lifestyle, our Optometrist will examine your eyes for the following:

  • Vision Quality
  • Eye muscle performance and health
  • Internal eye health, ideally using our state of the art Retinal Scanner(Fundus Camera)
  • Front of eye health – eye fluid pressure
  • All these tests are carried out using the very best in eye examination technology and your Optician will provide you with step by step explanations so that you know what’s involved at each stage.

An appointment* for an eye test can be booked ONLINE or call us on 021 4277655.

More Information:

*We would ask our patients to arrive in good time for their appointments. If you arrive late for your appointment you may have missed your appointment and would need to rebook.

Eye Tests Price List
  • Eye Examination* €40
  • Eye Examination* for Under 21’s €30
  • Eye Examination* including Driver Report €55
  • Contact Lens Assessment** & fitting for 1st time Wearers €70
    • This appointment will include your assessment, teach you how to insert, remove and care for contact lenses plus your Free trial lenses
  •  Contact Lens Aftercare** (Existing Wearers) €40

*Medical card holders and PRSI contributors are entitled to a free eye test every 2 years. For more detail please click here.

** Some Assessments/Aftercare are more complex therefore assessments/aftercare prices can vary accordingly.

PRSI & Medical Card entitlements


If you are entitled to PRSI treatment benefit you are entitled to a FREE eye test every 2 years. This applies whether you are employed or self-employed.
Please bring your PPS number with you on the day of your appointment and with your authorisation, we will check your eligibility for this grant.

Medical Card:

If you hold a current full Medical Card you are entitled to a free eye test every two years and free spectacles from a select range or an allowance off other spectacle ranges.

To claim your Medical Card benefit you must first apply to your Health Board. Ask our staff for an application form and we will gladly help with completion and post it for you.

You can read more about the benefits available in full by clicking here and to download a PDF from the Department of Social Protection on treatment benefit.